Maegon Renee
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Are there times when you feel like your emotions have more control over you than you have over them?

Overwhelmed with feeling like you always have to be “on” in your business?

Sis, We must be soul mates.

Hey there, I’m Maegon!

For the majority of my life I was told I was too sensitive, extra, and just too damn much! It left me feeling like there was something wrong with me. I even felt this way in my work. 

But because I felt things so deeply for myself and others, I wanted to make a difference and help people normalize feelings of intensity. So I got to work, earned my bachelors in psychology, a masters in counseling, and established myself as a licensed therapist in the state of Texas.

To develop my skills and give to my community, I’ve worked in hospitals, group homes, crisis centers, and my own private practice. I’ve given presentations and spoken on panels regarding domestic violence, self-esteem, and women’s rights. 

And even though I started as a licensed therapist, I found that I was working with my clients around specific, common themes.

They were all ambitious, outgoing, and creative people and because of their empathic abilities often felt inadequate, drained, and stuck.

They felt emotions so intensely at their jobs but without having strong, energetic boundaries and taking time for true self-care, they had trouble identifying their empathy as a good thing.

They didn’t feel like they could express themselves without being seen as “too emotional.” They came to me feeling lost or even depressed. 

Often, these were women who started their own business, managed their own team, and had families.   While their businesses were thriving, they were feeling guilty about the lack of time spent in their personal lives. Some even forgot what used to bring them joy. 

In this space, I work with empath entrepreneurs to reconnect to their purpose, clear out mental blocks, and create a lifestyle that will allow them to show up fully for their business, their family and most importantly themselves time and time again. 

If this sounds like you then you’re in the right place. Welcome! 

 “Working with Maegon is a breath of fresh air. She keeps you focused on moving forward in your healing. She’s direct and really calls you to do your work.”

-Quiana LaRae, author & speaker

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some of my favorite things

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crystals + meditation

part of my morning routine is tapping into my higher self, which includes meditating on what i’d like for my life. I use tarot cards and some of my favorite crystals.



i love buying new journals!! i don’t leave the house without a journal because i never know when i’ll get into my creative flow or feel the urge to write down an affirmation.



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