7 Stress Relief Tips for the Holiday Season

We are quickly approaching my favorite season, which is fall. But also around the corner is the holiday season, specifically Christmas!

Although this can be a very special time for some it can also be stressful. We become worried about how time will be split among families, which family members we’ll need to entertain at our own home, gifts to buy, and the list continues.

I want to give you 7 stress relief techniques for the holiday season so you can be sure to enjoy yourself, your family, and remain in the present moment.

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How to Create Energetic Boundaries in Your Business

Being an empath is hard work as is not to mention when you have a team of people depending on you for answers, a partner who is wanting you to come to bed at a decent hour, kids who it seems has endless soccer games (shout out to soccer moms out there) and the list goes on and on.

When you create energetic boundaries in your business you'll not only see a shift in your profits but your personal relationships as well.

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How to Resolve Conflict as an Empath

Knowing that you may have to have a tough conversation with your partner, a client or your virtual assistant can cause all kinds of inner turmoil. 

If you're an empath you may already be worried about you can please the other person or just avoid the conversation altogether! 

If you can relate to any of this read further to see how you can resolve conflict as an empath. 

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